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My work is a personal, individual statement that connects those of us with the same spiritual needs.  It is not just jewelry but a statement of one's self.  The figures represent dancers, athletes, and spirit, which are all an expression of the joy of life.  The floral work carries the same kind of energy as the figures and therefore can be mixed and matched as "sets".  They wonderfully compliment each other.  I take great pride in the longevity of my theme, both spiritually and physically.
My sculpture continues this same quest, provoking an even greater depth of conscious thought of our struggles and dualities.  Each is a reminder to honor the divine within.


All of the images provided for this site were photographed by Bob Barrett. See his work in all media at bobbarrettphoto.com. To contact him call 845-430-8599 or e-mail him at photobobb@yahoo.com

Perfecting her art and craftsmanship, Harriet Forman Barrett has designed her jewelry and sculpture for select galleries and craft shows for over 40 years.  Her work is collected and treasured by people around the world who share the passion and joy it expresses.
"The first of your pieces I picked out as a graduation gift from my grandmother in 1980 ( I lived in Woodstock) My mother also had a piece later. When she died 10 years ago, we held the piece and passed it to my sister's daughter for her 16th birthday. My daughter was very upset that her cousin got the piece, so for her 21st birthday, I have just purchased her a piece of her own ( Lotus Woodstock). Thank you." -- SBK

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